Title page of the report

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Title page of the report

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Title page of the report
The title page of the report is the face of all your work, so it should be treated with special attention. Moreover, they see him first when they take your work into their hands, and if it is framed incorrectly, then it immediately catches the eye. If you are already struggling with the title page writing, maybe its better to order work from a professionals like a custom writing service service.
What is the title page of the report for?
The main task of the title page is to convey information to the reader on the following points:
  • information about the topic of research and the subject on which the report is being written;
  • information about the faculty and the department within which the work was carried out;
  • information about who wrote the work and its leaders;
  • information about the educational institution itself,
  • information about the place and year of delivery of this work.
In addition to the data listed above, there should not be any other information on the title page, since it will be considered superfluous and for this, perhaps, the mark for the entire work may be downgraded. You don't want that your work to be downgraded, to avoid it order work at writing service and enjoy high score.
Rules for the design of the title page of the report.
The entire report should be drawn up on A4 sheets of fluent color. At the very top in the middle, you should indicate the full (without abbreviations) name of your educational institution. Step back 3-4 lines, write in the center: REPORT (in capital letters). On the next line, the name of the discipline in which this work is written. Further, in the line below, we write - On the topic: "..." (topic in quotes). Ofcource you can buy comparison essay or any assignment and have a more freetime and don't mess with all this formatting stuff.
After that, stepping back 2 more lines, on the right side, we designate our educational position (pupil, student), put a colon and indicate our full name (full name, first name and patronymic - initials). On the next line we write: Teacher, his scientific degree, surname and initials. At the very bottom of the sheet, in the middle, we write the city, and on a line below (also in the center) the year of the work.
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