How to write a work practice diary: design example

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How to write a work practice diary: design example

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How to write a work practice diary: design example
Before students leave for work practice, the department issues practice diaries in exchange for signed contracts. They have to be filled. This should be taken seriously - a diary is the same document as, for example, an agreement with an enterprise. It will be signed, stamped and evaluated. But how to draw up a diary of industrial practice? What to write in it? The writing service will tell you in detail what and how to record in the diary.
The procedure for filling out the diary
At the beginning of the diary, you fill in formal data - full name, place of practice, etc. After you designate tasks, competencies that you want to master, plans. This is done before going into practice.
Every day you visit the place of practice and make a note in the diary. Usually this is the date and a brief description of the task, which the manager will then sign.
At the end , you will summarize, write a conclusion, give the diary to your supervisor for signature, printing, evaluation and feedback on your work. After that, the diary can be submitted along with the practice report.
What does a work practice diary consist of?
Different universities have diaries. But there are always common parts:
  1. First sheet. It contains the name of the educational institution, prof. module and interdisciplinary practice complex. The page is made out by mentioning the institution, term, full name and signature of the student. It is signed by the director of the organization and the teacher in charge of the work experience.
  2. Fire safety instructions or/and rules of conduct in the workplace. They must be taken from the head of the organization or from the safety engineer and signed.
  3. On the title page and briefing - stamps from the organization.
  4. Practice schedule: date, time and functional unit of the institution. For example, a student's practice lasts 6 hours a day from 8.00 to 14.00 for two weeks. If you were released early, write as required by the educational institution. The functional units of the institution must be rotated to show the diversified development of competencies (general and professional).
  5. List of works. The same part indicates the day, month, year and the amount of hours allotted for these works. Take the list from the thematic plan of industrial practice.
  6. Daily filling. A standard diary consists of three columns. The first indicates the date, month, year, the last is the manager's assessment. Between them, the work that you completed on a particular day is described. For example, conducting a lesson according to a certain methodology, writing out prescriptions, communicating with clients. You can indicate the regulatory documents and literature that you used in practice.
    Based on the above points, you got an idea of how to draw up a work practice diary. Paperwork will no longer overshadow the student romance of the future profession.
A detailed article on industrial practice can be read at free essay writer no plagiarism. In addition to the diary, bring a testimonial, an attestation sheet, an additional task (presentation, video) depending on the requirements, and a practice report.
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